Containers Conditions Explained

As-is: No good for Storage, no good for Shipping
These kinds of containers are damaged, with holes probably all over, leaks, the doors maybe don’t close or open properly, big dents, pretty much you can call them SCRAP, but some time people only need the frame or they want to fix them.

WWT Wind & Watertight: Good for Storage but not good for Shipping
These Containers are good for storage but not for shipping, they are rigorously inspected to make sure they don’t have any holes or leaks, the floor have to be in decent shape and the doors close properly, it will have dents, dings, spot rust on the paint, Etc.

CW Cargo Worthy: Good for Storage or Shipping
Very good condition ready for shipping and will pass an inspection for a CSC Certificate for Shipping, these containers meet the international requirements for international shipping, no holes, no leaks, no dents over 50 mm deep, solid wood floor, doors close properly and have to be structurally safe and sound.

One Tripper: Good for Storage and Shipping, best look
You can call them NEW CONTAINERS or CONTAINERS LIKE NEW, they come ONE time from Asia (China mainly) loaded, When the containers arrived at the destination sometimes, they stay and become available for sale. These containers are a perfect choice if you are looking for an EXCELLENT outside and inside look & shape, you won’t see any spot rust on the paint, but they could have a few scratches and maybe one or two dents.

Dry Containers Specs

Refrigerated (Reefer) Shipping Container Specs

Flat Rack Shipping Containers Specs

Open Top Shipping Containers Specs

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